The Fancy Way of Life

11 October 1978
I'm a PhD theoretical physicist, working in the area of Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.
I'm also interested in genealogy.My parents came in the 60's with my grand-parents from East Prussia (they lived near a city called Olsztyn formally known as Allenstein) to Bavaria. So I always search in dusty archives for church records and other documents of my ancestors to enlarge my family tree.
I read fantastic literature, especially nearly neverending stories like Perry Rhodan, Otherland or The Dark Tower, and don't forget The Lord of The Rings.
My favorite writers besides fantasy/sf are the French authors Michel Houellebecq and Frederic Beigbeder.
I like travelling (especially with trains) across the country to explore unknown cities.
My music taste covers a broad spectrum, from Nick Cave to Pet Shop Boys, with focus on synthpop.
I'm always daydreaming about physical problems, fantasy stories. So I think you can call me a real escapist and nerd.

Journal language is normally german.
Some parts of my Journal contains adult material, so please pay attention what your children do in the cyberspace.

Here are some of my parameters (take all this not too seriously)
I am nerdier than 75% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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